I started by giving a chocolate chip to Kitty and Kyrie only immediately after the noise of a clicker, it didn’t take long at all for them to associate the sound of the pen with her favourite treat, and some affection. Kitty seemed to respond better to affection, where Ky preferred chocolate.

After Kitty was associating the clicker with food, I started to move her further away from me, ‘calling’ her with the noise of the clicker, and when she came giving her a treat.

Before long Kitty and Ky could be anywhere within hearing range and come back to the sound of a clicker.

Not long after training them, Ky developed tumours that quickly took over one side of her body, so I stopped training her. Out of curiosity a few weeks after putting a halt to her training I tried using the clicker, and Kyrie had no interest, developing an extinction. The behaviour simply stopped. Being sick, Ky no longer had to put work in to get her treats, she knew she was going to get a couple chocolate chips everyday regardless of her behaviour.